PA Nafal Ibn Sharim ox + 4307 / TAF0904
Photo: Jani Pedersen
(Pasha Sharim x PA Shah Nigra/Shahin Ibn Naskhi)
Born 16.06.2003 - 21.11.2010 / black / 160 cm
Black homozygous
SCID clear - CA clear - OCD clear

Breeding conditions

Nafal passed away on November 21st 2010
He is dearly missed.

Passed The 30 Days Performance Test in 2009.

Nafal has 2 sons licensed in the Shagya Anglo Studbook!!

Nafal was bred by Polar Arabians, Germany. He had fantastic movements, nice dish, very big eyes, good strong legs with good big hoofs and a lovely gentle temper.

Nafal was a very nice and gentle stallion, he loved attention and grooming and he was always a pleasure to be around.

In 2008 he went to Holland for showing and was shown 4 times and got 1 class win and 1 International Champion title with unanimous 20 for movements. We were over the moon for his success - it was more than we ever dreamt of.

After a good show season we decided to collect frozen semen from him - a decision I am very happy for today. His semen is of very good quality and it more the rule than the expection that the mares get in foal in first try. A fact that means a lot to us, as it maximizes the outcome of the semen and also it lower the costs for the mare owners

As long as we have more semen than we can make use of our selves Nafal is available for guest mares by frozen semen.

Show record:
2008: International A show, Vilhelmsborg, Denmark - 88 points
2008: International B show, Ströhen, Germany - 87,3 points
2008: Emerald Egyptian Event, Brecht, Belgium - Class winner with 89,5 points, unanimous 20 for movements and Senior Champion.. Click here to see the video...
2008: Emerald Trophy, International B show, Brecht, Belgium - 86,7 points

Find more pictures of Nafal in the gallery.

Offsprings at Davidson Arabians:
2009: D. Desert Eagle out of CAS Harmony, colt, black homozygous

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