MM Sultan

(Kubay Khan x Alaska QQ/Vatican)
Born 2001 / chestnut / 156 cm. tall
SCID clear - CA clear - OCD clear

ECAHO *, Keur, Preferent, ELITE

Offsprings in
Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Holland, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Italy, France & Kuwait

Through his ELITE title MM SULTAN is FULLY licensed for Shagya, Anglo & Partbreds.

Breeding conditions

I believe that sometimes we meet a horse that makes a very unique and special impression on us.
A horse like that we will never forget, always have in our dreams and always desire.
Back in 2007 I met such a stallion.
I remember how my jaw dropped to the ground when I saw him blowing around in his pasture,
how my heart mealted when I was in the stable with him
and how I was thinking Oh my... This one REALLY has it all..
This big Straight Russian power house of movement with such extreeme type, such strong body and conformation
and yet so gentle, completely blew me away.
That stallion was and still is MM Sultan.

Since MM Sultan became mine in October 2014 he got a breeding license for Shagya, Anglo & Partbreds for 2015 & 2016.
In 2017 he was awarded with the ELITE title.
The higest breeding predicate a Dutch stallion can get
The ELITE title is the proof of the quliety of his progeny in both show and sports.
Along with the ELITE title also comes the lifetime breeding license for Shagya, Anglos & Partbreds

MM Sultan indeed is a stallion who not only got it ALL - he also proved it


Some of his foals:

Show record:
Champion regional show in Holland 2003, 2004, 2005
Champion Dutch National show 2003, 2004, 2005
2003 - 90 points, 3. place, Elran Cup
2003 - Top 5 All Nations Cup, Aachen
2004 - 3. place Tulip Cup
2004 - 91,67 points, Class winner, Int. A-Show, Vilhelmsborg
2004 - 90,7 points, 2. place European Championships, Moorseele, Belgium
2005 - 1. place, Dutch Stallion licensing
2005 - Class winner & Res. Champion, Int. B-show, Schotten, Germany
2005 - 90,67 points, 2. place, Int. B-show, Strohen, Germany
2006 -  1. place, Dutch Stallion licensing
2006 - 2. place, Int. B-show, Strohen, Gernamy
2006 - Class winner, Champion & BIS, Regional Show, Holland
2006 - 2. place, Lowland Cup, Holland
2006 - Class winner, Res. Champion, National Championships, Holland
2006 - Best Dutch bred horse
2007 - 3. place Emerald Trophy
2008 - 1. place Dutch Stallion licensing
2008 - National Champion in Holland
2010 - Class winner & Silver Champion, Hollandsk National Championships
2011 - 92,75 points, class winner & Bronce Champion, Arabica, Frankfurt
2012 - 91,67 points, class winner & Silver Champion, Int. C-show, Holland
2012 - Class winner & Gold Champion, Dutch National Championships
2015 - 89,67 points, 2nd place, Nordic Open, International B-Show

MM Sultan Kubay Khan Kubinec Balaton Menes
Kosmetika Muscat
Volnaia Naftalin Topol
Vakansia Peleng
Alaska QQ Vatican Kumur Mak
Nevesta Aswan
Antarctika Neapol Aswan
Australia Pesniar