Leased stallions:

Nazeem Ibn Jashana ox 3411
(FS Eternal Flame x Jashana/Esthasan Ibn Estopa)
21.04.2001 / chestnut / 159 cm
Leased from Magic Arabians, Marianne Lorentzen, Nibe
, Denmark

Nazeem came to us in September 2004 and was here untill the end of May 2005. Since we didn´t get any foals from frozen semen last year, Nazeems task at the stud primarily was to test the mares, so in 2004 the breeding season for Nazeem was a bit longer than normally.

Nazeem has strong legs, nice body and a very beautiful head with good dish. We find his pedigree very interesting and are looking forward to seeing his foals. We are expecting 3 foals from him due Marts/April 2006.

Show results:
2003 The national show, 86,33 points
2005 International show in Blommeröd, Sweden, 9
0 points
2005 The national show, 8
8 points

Offsprings at Davidson Arabians:
2006: Sweet Caress D., filly, chestnut.
2006: Zeems Cheeky D., filly, chestnut.
2006: White Reflection D., filly, chestnut.

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Nazeem Ibn Jashana FS Eternal Flame Kubinec Balaton Menes
Kosmetika Muscat
Temptress MSC Traditio Gdansk
Halali Tamarisk
SH Echantress DWD Tabasco
Shaed-E Lady
Jashana Estashan Ibn Estopa Ibn Estopa Shaker El Masri
Estasha Shaker El Masri
Jamira El Mokari El Shaklan
Jamila El Shaklan El Shaklan


Makur ox 2578
(El Mokari x Malinka/Malu)
Born 24.04.1996 / chestnut / 150 cm
Leased from Bent Nielsen, Holstebro, Denmark

Makur came to Davidson Arabians in the end of January 2001 and was here untill September 2002. I first saw Makur one day I went to visit Bent to see what mares he had for sale, and I fell for him that day. He has a nice compact body, small head with very big eyes. Makur has great charm and charisma and a ray of riding qualities.

While Makur was here he was broken to ride and I have ridden him in dressage and western competitions, and his riding qualities he has passed on to his offsprings.

Show resultats:
1997 International B show, 87 points, junior champion
1999 International B show, 86,33 points
2001 International B show, 82 points
2001 The national show, 88 points

Offsprings at Davidson Arabians:
2002: Cody Makida D., filly, chestnut
2002: D. Shan´n Jan Memory, colt, chestnut
2003: D. Midnight Rodeo, colt, chestnut
2003: Sweet Miss D., filly, bay

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Makur El Mokari El Shaklan Shaker El Masri Morafic
Estopa Tabal
Mohena Hadban Enzahi Nazeer
Morisca V Tunante
Malinka Malu Nasmeshnik Arax
Peace Naplyv
Pacific Masir Mehanna
Bint Shahbaa
Sheila Silver Scenario