D. Remarcable
(D. Van Marc x Elunah Monpelou/Massimo Ibn Mirokan)
Born April 14th 2017 / gelding / bay
SCID clear - CA clear




D. Remarcable

D. Van Marc Van Gogh AM Magnum Psyche Padron Psyche
A Fancy Miracle
Ynazia HCF AF Don Giovani
NV Tayma
Precious Marcia D. QR Marc Marwan Al Shaqab
Little Liza Fame
AF Escada Nadir I
Palotasza QQ
Elunah Monpelou Massimo Ibn Mirokan Mirokan Mirok Monpelou
Marenga Menes
Wushika Monpelou Duval Vympel
De Monpelous Berseba Purpur

D. Matrix
(Tchaata Matisse x AF Escada/Nadir I)
Born April 9th 2010 / gelding / bay /152 cm tall
SCID clear & CA clear


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D. Matrix  Tchaata Matisse Amir Al Tiglio Shamilah Masai Mara Warandes Plakat
Mahatma Al Shamilah
Shamilah Ambra Warandes Plakat
Psyches Amber Gem
Shamilah Mahatma Nadir I Neman
Padrons Mist Padron
AF Escada Nadir I Neman Nabeg
Neschi Kilimandscharo
Palotasza QQ Kosmonaut Nafatalin
Posjarka Balaton

Kamal Al Hayat ox 4909

(Said El Dine x Kamasayyah/Wan-Kahli)
Born February 29th 2008 / gelding / gray / 148 cm

- SOLD -

Kamal is a nice boy with a lovely expression. His legs are strong and his hoofs are rather big, well shaped and strong and he is moving with extrodinary elegance.
From bloodlines he is mostly Egyptian and he is bred by Hayat Arabians, Denmark. The decistion about Kamal and his arrival here went all pretty fast and we are looking forward to get to know him better. But so far he seems very cool and seem to like his new sable and also the menu here.
With his age he can be ready to start under sadle at any time, and that is naturally the plan with him, so as soon as I find a little time I will start to play with him.

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Kamal Al Hayat Said El Dine Radames II Salaa El Dine Ansata Halin Shah
Ansata Rebecca Ansata Abu Sudan
Ansata Rhodora
Saida Bint Shahlia Classic Shadwan Alidaar
Shagia Bint Shadwan
Ansata Shahlia Ansata Halim Shah
AK Bint Dalia II
Kamasayyah Wan-Kahli FS Bengali Kubinec
Om El Sanadiva
Wanila Ansata Nile Pasha
Sawana Nile Pasha Ansata Nile Pasha Jamil
Ansata Nile Dream
Sawannah Ibn El Mokari

D. Midnight Rodeo ox 3888
(Makur x Victoria Lynn/Zalim)
Born 05.04.2003 / gelding / chestnut / 153 cm

- SOLD -

After exactly 5,5 years of separation Rodeo is now back with us.
On April 1st 2006 he was sold, but due to the owner now has become a mum she has no time for him anymore, so on October 1st 2011 we bought him back.

Rodeo spent most of October at Skovsted ox, where he was gelded and everything regardign this went straight by the book.

Rodeo has been ridden a lot but not since summer 2010, but already now he shows to be very gentle and easy to ride.

Rodeo has very good movements and not only when free - also under sadle.
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D. Midnight Rodeo Makur El Mokari El Shaklan Shaker El Masri
Mohena Hadban Enzahi
Morisca V
Malinka Pacific Nasmeshnik
Malu Masir
Victoria Lynn Zalim Essteem Fame
Zadira Bint Zaleen Estopa Son
Wanissa Wandro El Mokari
Sadia Mexi
Savannah Princess

(Valerio Ibn Eternity VI x Pardilla/Basra)
Born 2007 / gelding / grey / 147 cm

- SOLD -

Balate is a charming boy with a gentle mind and super movements. He is bred by Kongenshus stud and he came to us directly from his breeder.
I saw Balate for the first time at the stallion presentation at Husted in 2010 and was caught with his expression, charm and super movements. He is a second attemt to find a playmate for our young stallion D. Desert Eagle as we didn´t get to keep A´Chanze for that long before he was sold.
Balate will be broken to ride when we find the time for it.

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Balate Valeri Ibn Eternity VI Eternity Ibn Navarrone D Ansata Sinan Preice Fa Moniet
Ansata Nefara
Navarrone P El Khadir P
Navarra P
Hafati Vouge RSD Dark Victory Bey Shah
Kamasi Sabaha
Prima Dinn Aladdinn
Miss Gamond
Badilla Basra Bassora Maquillo
Frontera Negal
Pardilla Uzacur Marquillo
Freila Garbo

(Azem x Cheyenne/Shah Noir)
Born June 4th 2007 / gelding / bay / 154 cm tall

- SOLD -

Chanze is out of Russian related bloodlines and is a strong and solid gelding with a gentle and cool temper.
He is bred by Skovsted ox and we purchased him from Lars Jacobsen in Fredensborg.
Chanze is here to be a playmate for our young colt D. Desert Eagle, and while he is here we plan to break him in and ride him a bit as well.

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A´Chanze Azem Symba Vympel Menes
Maggina Mag
Manuela Amadeusz Etat
Ali Nora
Manjana Pacific
Magic Camilla
Cheyenne Shah Noir Shah Of Gizeh Shah Nishan
Aziza Alimah Adhem
Hadiqa Saiyida
Chantel Nekro Nego
Arabella Dove Sir Robin
Silver Dove