*** Important note for the 2019 season ***

The stallions of Davidson Arabians will only be available
til June 1st and only by shipped semen

Contact me for further info

January 2019

January 12th
Today Sspot Me D. left for her new home in Southern Germany

We wish you a safe trip and all the best for the future

January 9th
Sspot Me D. and her foal in uterus by MM Sultan* Elite is sold

Huge congratulations to Julia Rosenberg with the purchase of this special young girl
and special thanks to Denise Kanbur for your assistance.

Welcome 2019

With the challenges of 2018 it is time to think things over

2019 is my 20-year anniversary year as a breeder
and this year I will turn things around.

Meaning that over time we will reduce our number of horses,
so many of of them will be available for purchase

The breeding season at Davidson Arabians will be very limited.
Not all stallions will be available and only till June 1st.
and by shipped semen only.

I have been in the game for so many years and every year I spent all summer working my ass off to serve mares.
It has been fun, challenging and very giving in many ways.
I really appreciate and truly worthship the trust you have shown me and my stallions during the years.

But all things come to an end, and by 2018 I have to face that time for changes has come to me.

So, I will allow myself to enjoy the best time of the year with my horses,
doing what I want, when I want it and not give a single thought of folicles, ovulations etc.
I think I earned that and I also think I will enjoy it quite a lot.

With these words I wish you all the best for 2019
may you have a successfull breeding season and healthy foals!

Review at 2018

2018 was a challenging year in more than one way and caused some quietness in both ends of the year.

11 days in hospital and fysical set back in January put its mark on the activites we have been attending this year.
Pomar was attending the annual stallion show at Husteds, and that was pretty much it when it comes to that.

The only activity we had quite some of was riding at home.
Sylvia, Dreamin Dido D., Pomar and D. Double Up were all started under sadle,
and they were all sweet and easy to work with.

In May we were gifted with 4 wonderful and beautiful foals - 3 colts and a filly

Sylvia and D. Remarcable were sold to new good homes during the summer.

And with the autum came more challenges so the year ended as it started - very quiet

Not even a Christmas greeting I managed to make..
However I hope you all had a nice Christmas and also a Happy New Year.

October 2018

D. Double Up
is a STAR
 Only 3 weeks ago he was a bucking bronco with the girth for the first time
Today we made the first riding pictures
and WHAT a development in such short time

Don´t forget - this stunning, very rideable boy is for sale

September 2018

September 29th
D. Double Up has shown to be a very good student and super cool,
already on his 7th training session he was backed for the first time and was super cool

This pretty boy is more than ready for new adventures

September 22nd
Pomar is taking a break from work so his playmate D. Double Up will now be started under sadle too

I hope the weather will stay good so we can get to the finish line with him too

September 19th
New pictures of D. Limited Edition and D. Royal Flush

D. Limited Edition - for sale

D. Royal Flush - for sale

September 15th
New pictures of D. Ajmanic and Check Me Out D.

D. Ajmanic - for sale

Check Me Out D.

Also the first riding pictures of Pomar are now online

September 9th
In the lottery at The National Show in The Nederlands this weekend
an MM Sultan breeding was at stake

We congratulate Ronny Derom on winning the breeding
and are looking forward to serve your mare in the coming season.
Special thanks to Amy Zoutberg for the beautiful add

August 2018

August 18th
Dreamin Dido D.
is working good under sadle

so today we made the first riding pictures - both with old and new rider
Thank you Nina Koustrup for being my test rider once more

August 9th
Very early this morning Sylvia boarded the truck heading to her new home in Germany,
once again huge congratulations to Melanie on the purchase of this wonderful young mare.
really is one of a kind and I will miss her.

August 8th
Pomar was backed for the first time today and with success.

Lets hope he will keep up the good work

July 2018

July 30th
Today D. Remaracble moved to his new home where a lovely family
was waiting for him with great excitment.
He did the loading, unloading and the trailer ride super cool

Huge congratulations to Anette Skoett Thuesgaard
with our remarcable boy - I am sure you will have a great future with

July 29th
The sweetest, coolest and most loveable young mare Sylvia is sold
Sylvia will be moving to Germany in near future
Congratulations to the lucky new owner
I will miss my rides with Sylvia

Sylvia is sired by our stallion SL Carrera, and with the Sylvia moving to Germany
SL Carrera will have have offsprings in Germany, Norway, Sweden, Holland & Denmark

July 27th
It was not for long we got to have a gelding at our stud
D. Remarcable is sold to a lovely new home and I will bring him to his new home in a few days

Congratulations to the lucky new owner

July 26th
New pictures of our 2018 colt foals D. Ajmanic, D. Limited Edition & D. Royal Flush

D. Ajmanic
All for sale as we already have 8 grown stallions at stud

Dreamin Dido D. was backed for the first time today

all went well and she will continue the good work

July 23rd
New pictures of our stallions Massimo Ibn Mirokan and D. Van Marc

July 18th
Nice weather and vacation - whats not to like

Pomar is now getting dressed up in "working clothes"

July 16th
As I have holidays by now I have a lot of time to play with the horses
Sylvia is doing super under sadle by now, and around 6 weeks ago we started up on Dreamin Dido D. too,
but due to a lot of repro work she has been on pause ever since - but now time to get going again

July 15th
New pics of Sspot Me D.

For sale

July 11th
Our Pomar baby certainly lives up to his name D. Limited Edition
Today we got the result of the red factor test and he is "EE" - black homozyous

July 7th
Mirtan by MM Sultan was placed 2nd in the 120 km. class at Koebenhavner ridtet
HUGE congratulations to owner and rider Terje Mahle from Norway

June 2018

June 30th
Congratulations to Kate Rosendal, Kres Arabians on the birth of a colt foal sired by MM Sultan

June 16th
New pictures of D. Ajmanic, D. Royal Flush & Check Me Out D.

D. Royal Flush

June 14th
Congratulations to Vivian Juhl on the birth of a filly foal sired by MM Sultan

June 4th
Finally after some starting trouble we now have our Queen AF Escada in foal to MM Sultan

June 2nd
SL Carrera and his beautiful daughter Sylvia was attending the Isenbjergridtet in the 8 km. class
was in "breeding mode" before the start while  sweet Sylvia was completly calm and quiet on everything that happened around her.
We had a nice ride and both was appoved in vet after the race

Thanks to Nina Koustrup for giving sweet Sylvia an other good experience

May 2018

May 29th
New pics of D. Ajmanic, Check Me Out D., Dreamin Dido D.,
Sspot Me D.
, D. Limited Edition & D. Royal Flush

Dreamin Dido D. - for sale

May 26th
The last 2018 foal was born this morning.
A chestnut colt born on the 50th year birthday of our coming King HRH Prince Frederik

His name can only be D. Royal Flush
The proud parents are SL Carrera & Utopia D.

First time out with a first time mum that really adores her baby

D. Limited Edition also came in front of the camera

May 24th
MM Sultan showing off in the evening sun

May 23rd
We now have a gelding...
Because of his raising interest in our mares and in order to keep him socialized in the group
we have gelded D. Remarcable.

May 20th
New pictures of our sale horses Sylvia, D. Double Up & D. Remarcable

Sylvia - for sale

D. Double Up - for sale

D. Remarcable - for sale

May 16th
New pics of our little black boy D. Limited Edition and also a of Check Me Out D.

D. Limited Edition

Check Me Out D.

May 12th
Today it is one year ago since the arrival of Pomar
and at 03.40 this morning his first foal was born

A black colt out of Elunah Monpelou and he got the most perfect markings!

Later he was outside for a couple of pictures

A little speedy filly also came in front of the camera today

Check Me Out D.

May 11th
New pics of our filly foal Check Me Out D., D. Unexpectable Colours & D. Ajmanic

Check Me Out D. & Zeems Cheeky D.

D. Ajmanic

D. Unexpectable Colours

May 9th
At 11.30 pm our 2nd foal this year was born - a chestnut filly from MM Sultan & Zeems Cheeky D.

May 6th
First time out

May 5th
Finally our foaling season has stated.

9 days overdue Precious Marcia D. gave birth to a beautiful colt sired by Ajman Moniscione
His name is D. Ajmanic

May 4th
is doing great under sadle

is for sale

April 2018

April 30th
Our second mare in foal for 2019 is Sspot Me D. due in March

April 16th
ECHAO High Point Horse of The Year 2017 i Novice, Traditional Arabian Riding
is Sweet Caress D.
Huge congratualtions to owner and rider Listeth Floor Bendixen
Sweet Caress D. was sold to Lisbeth as a weanling and we are happy
to follow the journey of this great couple through the years

Photo: Simii

Sweet Sylvia is doing progress and we will continue as time and weather allows.
She is really a sweet girl

April 9th
Last summer we sold Eluniqa D. in foal to Duval and this night
a black filly was born in Germany
Huge congratulations to the lucky owner Claudia Kaul

Photo: Claudia Kaul

April 5th
While waiting for this years foals we are working on the 2019 generation
and the first mare to be in foal is Maid of Emotion D.

March 2018

March 31st
has been introduced to the sadle and she seems quite cool.

We will continue the work with her as time and weather will allow.

March 26th
Since the sun was shining today and Pomar was still clean from yesterday
he was on for photos again

March 25th
Pomar had his first time out at the stallion presentation at Husted Arabians.
He handled clipping, washing, loading etc super good
and I am so proud of what he has become since his arrival last year

Photo: Simii Photography

March 20th
New pictures of D. Unexpectable Colours, D. Van Marc & Pomar

D. Unexpectable Colours

March 8th
New snow pictures of D. Double Up, Sspot Me D., Pomar & D. Remarcable

Sspot Me D.

February 2018

February 28th
New pictures of Massimo Ibn Mirokan

February 27th
New pictures of Seize the Day D.

February 16th
New pictures of Duval daughter Dreamin Dido D.

is for sale and can be sold in foal to one of our stallions.


January 2018

Well really not much to say at this point but for sure not a Happy New Year.

Shortly after New Year I was sick with what I thouht was just the Flu.
To make a long story short it turned out it was not the Flu
and I ended spending most my January in bed and 11 days in the hospital with breathing problems.

I am diagnosed with a desease called "Farmers Lungs"
a cronical issue and caused by some kind of allergic reaction to fungus
most likely coming from horse bedding, hay and stuff like that.

I will be in medical treatment for months
and need some time to find myself in this new situation,
learn how to deal with it in my daily life in a way that horses etc. still can be a part of it.

So, if you have been wondering why things are so quiet here,
well now you know.

Review at 2017...

In 2017 we had happy and sad moments.
We were gifted with 3 wonderful foals, Seize the Day D. , Elayda D. & D. Remarcable.
We also said hello and welcome to Pomar, a 4 year old big black stallion
sired by Kunar T out of a Pobeditel daughter.

Eluniqa D. was sold and has moved to her new home in Germany where she will have her first foal by Duval.
And speaking of Duval, in a very sad moment but also a beautiful moment he passed away on a sunny Saturday in March.
He was such a great personality and he left a great mark in my heart. There will never be one like him again.

Our 2 young musketeers D. Unexpectable Colours and D. Van Marc spent most of the summer at Husted Arabians.
Both were started under sadle and D. Van Marc was shown in Strohen and at the Danish Nationals were he became Senior Gold Champion.

At the annual DSAH Shagya Licensing we had 2 young mares attending.
Both Maid of Emotion D. and Dreamin Dido D. was licensed in grade 1B
And Dreamin Dido D. was also Champion and awarded with a Silver Medal.

The biggest moment for us in 2017 was with no doubt,
the moment where my beloved MM Sultan could claim his ELITE title
and with it came his FULL license for Shagya, Anglos & Partbreds.

We are expecting 4 foals for 2018 and are looking forward for the foaling and breeding season to start.
Happy New Year and all the best for 2018.

December 2017

From all of us to all of you

December 10th
New pictures of Pomar in the fist snow this winter

December 4th
New pictures of D. Desert Eagle

November 2017

November 19th
New pictures of Sylvia

November 3rd
**** Breaking News ****
"The true quality of a stallion shows in his progeny"

We are happy and proud to announce that through his ELITE title
MM Sultan
is now fully licensed for Shagya, Anglo & Partbreds
The ELITE title is given to MM Sultan because of progeny performing on M-level or higher in sport

MM Sultan indeed is a stallion who not only got it ALL - he also proved it

October 2017

October 31st
The sales list it updated - lots of news, among others the beautiful Sylvia

If you have any questions, please just ask

October 26th
Early this morning Elayda D. started her journey to her new home in Austria.
She is such a sweet and brave girl and just stepped in to the truck quite cool.

Denise Kanbur, once again congrats with this little Straight Russian Princess
it has been a long wait for you and I wish you all the best of luck for the future with Elayda D.

October 22nd
Elayda D. is leaving us quite soon so as usual I am making pictures before departure

October 15th
New pictures of our 2017 foals Elayda D., Seize the Day D., Remarcable D.
and also new pictures of the 2 young chestnut ladies Sspot Me D. & Utopia D. and Pomar.


October 9th
New pictures of SL Carrera, Sylvia & Zeems Cheeky D.

October 8th
Welcome to Sylvia, sired by SL Carrera

is 4 years old, 155 cm tall
Not ridden and never bred
and for sale.

September 2017

Septeber 16th
After 3 months at Husted Arabians our young "musketeers" are now back home
D. Van Marc & D. Unexpectable Colours were both started under sadle during their stay at Husteds
and it was such a pleasure to ride both of them before taking them home.

D. Van Marc

D. Unexpectable Colours

They are such a great couple of boys, both sires and still enjoying eachother in the pasture.

September 10th
I was visting Ann Bovin and Sylvia, a beautiful 4 year old daughter of

Sylvia is for sale

September 2nd & 3rd
The Danish Nationals 2017
We had 2 senior stallions entered.
SL Carrera was entered both in the Amateur show and the Nationals
In the Amateur class he was class winner with 593,50 points
And in the Stallions 10 years and older he was 2nd in class with 39 points

Our young D. Van Marc was also at the show and with great results
D. Van Marc was class winner 4-6 year old stallions and was later announced Senior GOLD Champion Stallion

A HUGE thank you to Lone Husted and team for preparing, handling and showing my boy to such great result
I could not have wished for more!

September 1st
SL Carrera is almost ready for the Danish Nationals tomorrow

August 2017

August 20th
A special day indeed..
At the Dutch Nationals MM Sultan was officially awarded with the ELITE title
Unfortunately we were on holiday and not able to be there with MM Sultan.
But thanks to Sire of MM Sultan, Kubay Khan and Abigail Ligthert, Arabian Future
he was represented in the best possible way anyway.

Photo with thanks to PIM

August 14th
New pictures of Maid of Emotion D.

August 13th
DSAH Licensing this weekend
Things were not as planned but in the end a good weekend after all.
Our young stallion D. Unexpectable Colours was suppose to attend the licensing,
but unfortunately he was injured last week and for that reason not able to go.
We hope for his speedy recovery!

So the young mares Maid of Emotion D. and Dreamin Dido D. had to fill his place for him and so they did.
Both were licensed in grade 1B and Dreamin Dido D. was Champion Mare and awarded Silver Medal

Thank you to all the sponsors for the wonderful gifts
and to all who put huge efforts and a lot of work in this weekend!
See you all next year!

August 5th
New pictures of Dreamin Dido D.

July 2017

July 26th
I was visiting D. Van Marc and D. Unexpectable Colours at Husteds today.
Marco was trotting under the staddle for the first time and by now Colours has been ridden for around 4 weeks
and is just doing great. So great to see them like that.

D. Unexpectable Colours & Lone Jørgensen

Still they enjoy eachother in the pasture, indeed they are a couple of uniqe boys in many ways.

July 25th
New pictures of SL Carrera & Pomar

SL Carrera

July 18th
In 2018 we will see the 4th generation from our foundation mare Wimpy
Utopia D.
is in foal and with her as the 4th mare in foal we stop for this year.

Utopia D.
Sadly it also means that AF Escada  is left empty and that for sure was not Plan A.
But that is how it is going to be, hopeflully I can change that when the spring will return

Juli 11th
Another foal is born - a Duval daughter in The Nederlands
HUGE congratulations to Rifat Arabians, Gijs Sallevelt & Sonja Zonderhuis
This is the very last foal by fresh semen from Duval, but more to come by frozen

Juli 10th
The excitment will never come to an end....
MM Sultan is now ELITE

MM Sultan is now 1 of only 6 ELITE stallions in the Dutch studbook and only 4 are alive today.
ELITE status is ONLY given to stallions with progeny performing on higher levels in show and in sports
A 1000 THANK YOU to breeders, owners and riders of the MM Sultan progeny - we coudn´t have done it without you!!

9. juli
MM Sultan
now has a daugther in Austria
HUGE congratulations to Denise Kanbur, Kanbur Arabians with this special and very typey filly

8. juli
European C-show in Strohen, Germany
Shown by Lone Husted our D. Van Marc was 2nd in his class with 40,75 points

Thanks to Lone and team for a great job done

July 1st
New pictures of AF Escada  Elayda D.

June 2017

June 30th
New pasture pictures of Pomar

June 29th
Eluniqa D. is sold and is now on the way to her new home in Germany.

Congratulations to Claudia Kaul on the purchase of this special mare and her foal in uterus sired by Duval.
We wish you the best of luck for the future and many healthy foals

June 26th
The last 3 weeks D. Van Marc and D. Unexpectable Colours have been stabled at Husteds.
Today I was visiting and what a pleasure to see Colours being ridden in all gaits with ease.
Marco is ready for the first show in Strohen, and I am excited.
They are still enjoying eachothers company in the pastures like at home and I love it.
Thank you Team Husted for the great work and super care.

June 24th
The immortality of MM Sultan by frozen semen is now confirmed

One dose of semen, one try and one mare in foal
Happy happy happy

We are now expecting the very first foal from Pomar

June 15th
Congratulations to Esthetique Arabians, Birthe Kold with a colt foal sire by MM Sultan

June 13th
A long time dream projekt finally has taken its start.
For years I have been bidding and bidding on him on every auction I could find,
last year I was fortunate enough to actually WIN and now
Precious Marcia D.
is confirmed in foal to Ajman Moniscione!!

Ajman Moniscione

June 12th
Today Wagancia D. and D. Extra-Wagant headed to their new forever home with Maika.

D. Extra-Wagant

We will miss these two beauties and wish you all the best for the future

Wagancia D.

June 10th
New pictures of Elayda D.

June 4th
New pictures of Pomar

May 2017

May 30th
As Pomar in his papers are "bay" we have had an agouti test pending.
Today we got the result and he is non-agouti "aa" - in other words
Pomar is BLACK

May 28th
"Our" last foal this year is born in Austria as Dubai Diva D. was sold to Austria last summer
in foal to D. Unexpectable Colours and now we have the result of this exciting combination.
Congrats to Birgitta Jansenberger with a beautiful typey black filly!!

May 26th
Congratulations to Anja Linding with the birth of a colt sired by D. Van Marc

May 25th
New pictures of our yearlings D. Extra-Wagant and Wagancia D.
Also new pictures of the young and hairy D. Van Marc

May 22nd
New pictures of our 2017 foals, Elunah Monpelou & Pomar

Seize the Day D.

May 21st
Congratulations to Terje Mahle & Mirtan sired by MM Sultan
racing and winning 80 km. race in Norway!!

Congratulations to Kres Arabians, Kate Rosendal & KR Vasya sired by Massimo Ibn Mirokan

Photo: Kristina Markussen
88.17 points and class winner at the DK-Open Show, Vallensbaek.

A little SL Carrera colt is born in The Nederlands

Congratulations to Sonja & Gijs, Rifat Arabians

May 16th
The vet was here in other ocation and we decided to do X-ray of Pomar at the same time
and he is all clear on X-ray.

May 15th
Congratulations to Sarah Terp with the birth of a filly foal from D. Van Marc

Og så har vi selv første første hoppe i fol for 2018
Eluniqa D. er i fol med Duval

May 13th
D. Double Up and Pomar is introduced to eachother in the pasture.
Doubs is the boss and Pomar accepts and not much drama afterwards.

A couple of new pics of both of them is available in their galleries

May 12th
New arrival at Davidson Arabians

Welcome to Pomar

May 8th
New pictures of Sspot Me D.

For sale

May 4th
First outside pictures of Elayda D.

May 3rd
Our last foal for this year is here
A beautiful filly from AF Escada and Massimo Ibn Mirokan

Welcome to the world to Elayda D. and HUGE congratulations to the very lucky owner
Denise Kanbur, Kanbur Arabians in Austria

May 1st
The vet was here to do a check up on Dreamin Dido D.´s injury from last year and
also to do X-ray on D. Double Up.
I am so peased that Dido was found not lame and fully recovered - all time she spent inside last summer was worth it,
And D. Double Up was all clear on X-ray
so happy happy today!!

April 2017

April 29th

Congratulations to Femke and Frans, F&M Arabians in The Nederlands with the birth of a stunning colt
sired by D. Unexpectable Colours out of their ELITE mare YA Karma

Photo: Femke Maat, F&M Arabians

April 17th
New pictures of D. Remarcable & Seize the Day D.

Seize the Day D.

April 16th
More pics of D. Remarcable

April 14th
Our second foal is here...
A stunning colt out of Elunah Monpelou sired by D. Van Marc

His name is D. Remarcable

April 12th
Born at Kres Arabians, Kate Rosendal Denmark a stunning straight Russian colt foal sired by Massimo Ibn Mirokan
Congratulations to owner Anna Stjerner Sjödin in Sweden

Photo: Kate Rosendal, Kres Arabians

April 2nd
The training with Sspot Me D. has been on pause the last weeks.
But now we are back in business and today she was backed for the first time and as usual
she copes with all the new things very well.

Also new pictures of MM Sultan and Seize the Day D.

April 1st
New pictures of Eluniqa D.

March 2017

March 26th
Congratulations to Anja Christensen, Tapio Arabians
with a colt foal sire by MM Sultan

Photo: Anja Christensen, Tapio Arabians

March 20th
As much as the silence in one corner of the stable brings sadness to my face
there is a lot of activity in another corner of the stable that can only put a smile on my face.
Our little Russian related Princess is no longer without a name.
She was born in the morning on my 8 year anniversary day with Duval
who 3 days later allowed me to immotalise him with my camera in a precious moment before he passed away so unexpected and so suddenly.
In honor of Life and every precious moment in it, her name is.

Seize the Day D.

March 18th
No one knows what tomorrow will bring, - or just what the next minute will bring..
With heavy heart I have to announce the sudden passing of a great stallion, Sire and true friend.
During a photo session Duval suddenly passed away today.
The sun was shining, he looked great and had fun speeding in the arena.
He picked his special moment, just him and me together.

This photo is the very last one of him and yet one of the best ever I think.
It really shows that special glimse in the eye, that special "Duval-look" and attitude
exactly how I will always remember him.
I am thankful that I got to spend 8 years with him.
He was a HUGE personality and the stable will be quiet without him,
There will never be one like him again - He was the King of Davidson Arabians and he knew it.
Rest in piece my friend, I will miss you till we will meet again some day. 

March 15th
Foaling season has started..
This morning at 8.20 Precious Marcia D. gave birth to a beautiful bay filly
sired by our young stallion D. Unexpectable Colours.

March 11th
While waiting for our first foal we decided to start introducing Sspot Me D. to a little work.
Currently she had 7 lessions of around 20 minutes and is now introduced to
boots, sadle and bridle.

The goal is to have her carry me on her back and not much more than that,
and so far she is dealing very will with all the new things and is very giving to work with.

March 4th
New pictures of Sspot Me D. and Dreamin Dido D.
Both are for sale

Sspot Me D.

February 2017

Februray 26th
New pictures of MM Sultan & D. Unexpectable Colours

February 15th
New pictures of Duval and D. Double Up

D. Double Up

January 2017

January 20th
New pictures of SL Carrera wearing a beautiful halter from Denise Kanbur, Austria

January 16th
Mud pictures of Duval and MM Sultan
True wellness, they really loved it

MM Sultan

Review at 2016

Shortly after New Year the foal season started and we were gifted with a beautiful filly foal.
In total it should we should have had 4 foals, but unfortunately AF Escada lost her foal a couple of months before due date.
So in the end 3 healthy foals and all are sold.

Dubai Diva D. (Dubai Pasha x CAS Harmony/Simeon Sadik) whom we sold as a foal back in 2010 returned to Davidson Arabians for a short period.
She was put in dressage training with Maika a couple of months and came back for breeding in June
and was later sold in foal to D. Unexpectable Colours to a lovely new home in Austria. 
Our young colts D. Checkmate and D. Jack of Sultan are also sold to new loving homes.

As usual we attended the annual stallion presentation at Husted Arabians.
SL Carrera was presented undersadle by Maika and D.
Unexpectable Colours was also presented.
Colours was also presented at the National Show.
At the Shagya Licensing we attended with both foals from Wagant and also D. Double Up.
All did well and especially the foals was very calm and unstressed during the whole day.

By the end of April SL Carrera returned home to Davidson Arabians after staying 1½ years with Maika in Northern Jutland.
In the autum he and I had a little time for dressage training and had our debut as dressage couple at the competition and Kirk Arabians.
And besides a couple of trail rides with MM Sultan, that is about it when it comes to riding in 2016.

The breeding season was rough – never before have I experienced that much trouble and I hope I never will again.
Some were hit harder than one can imagine and that hurts.
At Davidson Arabians we are expecting 3 foals in the coming season.
In 2017 we will see the first foals from our young colts D. Van Marc and D. Unexpectable Colours.

The last months it has been a bit quiet with the horses.
We live in an area where they have been building the worlds largest solar energy plant more or less next door to us and that has taken a lot of energy.
The worst part is over by now so I will be looking forward to normal conditions in our area again
and also looking forward to a breeding season with less trouble.

Happy New year and see you out there!

December 2016

December 23rd
The website has been awful quiet the last couple of months.
The making of the Worlds biggest solar energy area just across the street has been rough lately.
The noice and the damages - especially on the fence has just taken most of my energi.
However all things come to an end - and they say the worst part is over by now
and it should be quiet in the area in the Christmas days, so I am looking forward to that.

When it comes to the horses we have a couple of injuries at the moment..
Both on the same day a couple of weeks ago.

Zeems Cheeky D. has an ugly wound from a kick - nothing serious, just big and looking ugly.
She will be okay again for sure - only it will take a couple of months or so.

SL Carrera is the other one being injured - also made in the pasture and ALL by himself...
But from looking very serious it turns out to be not that serious in the end.
I never experienced him moving away from me in pain on 3 legs when I reached for him,
and the whole right front leg was very swollen - all from the shoulder to the hoof - never seen that before either...
However some days grounded in the stable on painkillers made a huge difference, and the vet states
that probably he has torn some muscle tissue in his shoulder or elbow.
By now he is almost back to normal and he is also turned outside again living his normal life.

Hopefully the horses will stay calm for the rest of the year so we can have a nice quiet Christmas.

And time is up...
Merry Christmas to all of you,
may you all have a wonderful time in the Christmas days!

November 2016

November 3rd
Since SL Carrera returned in April he has been quite well featured in pictures I guess
and this morning he was in front of the camera again...
I might call him the "wrong coloured" in daily life - but in winter time he is the only one with the right colour
and this morning we had rime all over and clear sky so advantage taken...

October 2016

October 29th - 30rd
SL Carrera
and I was attending the dressage competition at Kirk Arabians.
For me the first dressage competition in more than 25 years so I was pretty nervous LOL
However on Saturday we had a nice ride and I was quite happy with both myself and my horse

On Sunday SL Carrera was "hysteric" and definitely not fond of beeing alone in the big arena,
so nothing on Sunday worth to mention or to look at.
But we had a nice trip and I had some experience with me back home and hopefully useable later on.

October 23rd
This morning our young colt D. Masquerade left for his new home in Sweden.

Once again congratulations to Petra Strömberg and the best of luck for the future with this special colt.
We look forward to follow you!

October 20th
My first riding pictures this year and my 3rd ride with SL Carrera since he came back home.

We have no goals and we do not follow any rehabilitation program.
We just see how much we can make of it enjoy it for as long as possible,
as we know that things most likly will fall back again like before.

October 10th
New pictures of Maid of Emotion D.
D. Double Up, Massimo Ibn Mirokan & D. Masquerade

Massimo Ibn Mirokan

October 4th
Our yearling colt D. Checkmate is sold!!
And we are happy and proud to announce that his new owner is Maika Wissing Nikolajsen,
one of the best and most talented Arabian dressage riders in DK.

Thank you Maika for choosing our D. Checkmate as your future "dressage mate"
we are looking forward to follow and support you!!

September 2016

September 27th
New pictures of Duval, Double Up D. & D. Desert Eagle

D. Desert Eagle

September 26th
New pictures of Dreamin Dido D who is still doing great

September 24th
New pictures of SL Carrera

September 23rd
New pictures of MM Sultan

September 18th
More pictures of D. Checkmate

September 10th
New pictures of D. Checkmate

September 5th
New pictures of our Straight Russian treasure Eluniqa D.

Eluniqa D.
is available for purchase for the right home

August 2016

August 31st
After 5 months in isolation Dreamin Dido D. has now been given free in the mares pasture
starting her resocializing with the group.

She is doing good and we don´t see her lame so far

August 30th
Our yearling colt D. Checkmate is back home

Thanks to Maika for taking so good care of him

August 19th
In the beginning of April Dreamin Dido D. somehow injured herself in the pasture
and at that time I realized that I didn´t make a single picture of her in 3 years.
With an ugly wound in the fedlock she was not able to put weight on that front leg at all
and therefore not possible to transport her to a clinic. And well.. I also thought that
her lameness was due to the wound because it was quite deep so I just left her in her stable to heal.
After some weeks the wound had healed but she was still very lame and unable to walk and be transported.
So she was then examined at the stud by x-ray and ultrasound and we found out that the deep bending tendon
had been nearly torn and most likely she also had a fracture in the hoofbone..
Due to the non exsisting scar tissue in the tendon, - which is quite unusual -
the vet gave her more than 50% chance for recovery and she was to stay in the stable for yet some time.

For 4 months she was not outside the stable and she totally amazed me in temper
- no stress when the others were going out and she had to stay inside.

A couple of weeks ago she was given free on a SMALL paddock outside and now she is allowed a little more space
and then of cause time for a little photos! She is still suppose to stay calm and quiet and I am of cause
scared that she will blow the whole thing, but most of the time she stays calm and quiett
and so far she has not been set back after her "explosions" when she gets a little too happy with her situation.
We still have some way to go - but so far so good.. I trust that she will go all the way
 and at least be able to have a happy life as the broodmare she was always meant to be.

August 17th
New pictures of D. Masquerade

August 14th
New pictures of D. Van Marc, Double Up, D. Extra-Wagant, Zeems Cheeky D. and Wagancia D.

D. Van Marc

August 13th
DSAH Licensing in Middelfart.
Pfoto: Simii foto

D. Extra-Wagant
- endnote 9
Wagancia D.
- endnote 8
D. Double Up -
endnote 8
Thanks to Maika Wissing Nikolajsen, Mia Hvid, Anne Birgitte Knarreborg for asistance
and to Jani Pedersen and Simii Foto for the pictures (more pics will follow later)

August 4th
New pictures of D. Double Up

July 2016

July 31st
Congratulations to Anja Christensen, Tapio Arabians with a stunning coltfoal sired by MM Sultan

July 30th
D. Unexpecrable Colours was at his first show - The National Show.

He lift his show attitude at home so when it comes to points, it was not a big success.
However he was cool and behaving nice in the stable and had a nice overall experience I think.

In the same weekend Lisbeth Floor Bendixsen and her beautiful mare Sweet Caress D.
was attending the 40-80 cm. jumping class and was placed 2nd.
Earlier this month they were in Sweden attending the Nordic Arabian Championships in Näsbyholm.
They won The Rockie Cup 2016 - a cup consisting of both
dressage, jumping, show, classic pleasure og native costume...

Photo: Pauline Högdal
Huge congratulations with these great results to Lisbeth,
and thank you for the update and the beautiful photos .

July 23rd
Good luck in Austria!!

And congratulations to Birgitta Jansenberger with the purchase of
Dubai Diva D.
and her foal in uterus by D. Unexpectable Colours

July 16th
Dubai Diva D. is in foal to D. Unexpectable Colours

July 12th
New pictures of D. Extra-Wagant

July 10th
New pics of Elunah Monpelou, D. Masquerade og Dubai Diva D.

Dubai Diva D.

July 3rd
New pics of Sspot Me D. & Utopia D.

Sspot Me D.

July 1st
We are happy to announce that we have AF Escada back in foal to Massimo Ibn Mirokan

June 2016

June 30th
Congratulations to Pia Wange with the brith of a colt sired by our late PA Nafal Ibn Sharim

June 28th
Dubai Diva D.
is back at Davidson Arabians for the summer and for breeding.

She will be bred to our young typey colt D. Unexpectable Colours, son of Magic Magnifique.
The foal will be black and have a very interesting black pedigree
Dubai Diva D. is for sale and sells in foal

June 26th
Congratulations to Gitte Pedersen with a colt sired by MM Sultan

Photo: Gitte Pedersen

June 21st
Congratulations to Kate, Kres Arabians with a filly by Massimo Ibn Mirokan

Photo by Kres Arabians

June 20th
Congratulations to Birgit Schreibe, Switzerland with a black colt foal by D. Desert Eagle

Photo by Birgit Schreibe

June 18th
Due to a busy season I have to face that I do not have the time for riding MM Sultan as planned
therefore there is no sence in holding him unavailable by fresh/transported semen any longer.

So I hereby re-open his book on fresh semen

June 16th
Congratulations to Pia Wange with a Shagya filly foal sired by D. Desert Eagle
Also congratulations to Skovsted OX with a filly foal born a couple of weeks ago sired by SL Carrera
A very tragic story where they had to put down the mare shortly after birth,
so with all my heart I hope for the little filly to survive despite a rough and unfair start in life.

June 11th
Congratulations to Laila, Al Sarakah Arabians with a filly foal by MM Sultan

June 8th
Happy 26 Duval

June 7th
New pictures of our 2016 foals
Wagancia D., D. Masquerade & D. Extra-Wagant

June 5th
D. Jack of Sultan
is sold.

Congratulations to Anja Carlsen

June 3rd
Finally we got the test result from the aborted foal
and we are happy to announce that the foal was NEGATIVE for Herpes Virus

June 2nd
We are happy to announce that in April 2017
we expect the first foal from D. Van Marc


May 2016

May 29th
New pictures of SL Carrera by Gijs Sallevalt, Holland

Thanks for the photos Gijs!!

May 24th
Zeems Cheeky D.
gave birth to a handsome colt sired by Wagant

Maika Wissing Nikolajsen is the owner of this foal, congratulations!

May 21st
is on her due date.. but in stead AF Escada is the one who had a foal..
Unfortunately this is around 2 months too early and probaby because of twins.. a very sad story..
How ever we have decided to have the foal tested for Herpes virus and are waiting for the result.
We lost what could have been a beautiful bay colt sired by Massimo Ibn Mirokan.
We are truly heartbroken, especially for Denise Kanbur who just lost the foal of her dreams.
AF Escada
is doing okay despite the situation.

May 17th
Congratulations to Jürgen Lippert, Lippert Arabians in Germany with the birth of a colt sired by Duval

May 12
Congratulations to Jannie Oestergaard with a Shagya filly sired by SL Carrera

May 8th
New pictures of D. Van Marc, D. Double Up & D. Unexpectable Colours

April 2016

April 27th
Our young colt D. Unexpectable Colours has proven his fertility

We are expecting his first foal in March 2017
D. Unexpectable Colours
is available by fresh semen

April 23rd
New pictures of SL Carrera, happy beeing home I think.

April 22nd
SL Carrera is back at Davidson Arabians

Special thanks to Maika for taking so good care of him.

April 20th
Because of special circumstances we have interrupted our cooperation with Stald Stenheden where SL Carrera and Dubai Diva D. is stabled.
This means that SL Carrera will be returning to Davidson Arabians as soon as possible.

Unfortunately it also means that our "Dream Team" SL Carrera and Maika are no longer together as horse and rider.

However this does not mean that we stop our cooperation with Maika.

Maika will continue her work with our black treasure Dubai Diva D.
and for the future assisted by Vibeke Degn Andersen.
Vibeke is a very well respected dressage trainer.
She was trainer for the National Team in Pony Dressage for several years.

April 9th
New pictures of D. Masquerade

April 2nd
New picts of Wagancia D.

March 2016

March 28th
New pics of D. Masquerade

March 24th
I was visiting D. Checkmate and Dubai Diva D.

Dubai Diva D.
has now been in dressage training with Maika for around 4 weeks
and is doing great. Thanks to Maika for all your efforts with this special lady.

March 22nd
New pictures of D. Masquerade

March 20th
Stallion presentation at Husted Arabians
Our young colt D. Unexpectable Colours was away from home for the first time,
and he did everthing super cool. He was not so showy, but indeed he showed his moves

SL Carrera was also present and was shown under sadle by his partner Maika Wissing Nikolajsen
He really enjoyed it and he and Maika was such a pleasure to watch.

Thanks to Husted for another great stallion presentation day,
and thanks to the crowd for not clapping in respect for SL Carreras situation

March 18th
Congratulations to Anja Christensen, Tapio Arabians with the birth of
a chestnut colt sired by MM Sultan

Photo by Tapio Arabians

March 10th
Congratulations to Abigail Ligthert, Arabian Future in The Nederlands
with the birth of A.F. Miroshka sired by MM Sultan

Photo: Arabian Future

March 9th
New pictures of Wagancia D. & D. Masquerade

March 5th
First time out..
D. Masquerade is already showing his moves, he sure is quite special.

March 4th
This morning at 7.15 Elunah Monpelou gave birth to a
chestnut colt with a lot of white sired by MM Sultan.
His name is D. Masquerade

February 2016

February 27th
New pictures of Massimo Ibn Mirokan all natural

February 21st
After years of trying I finally got the winning bid on the European Futurity Auction on


February 20th
Because of totally unacceptable farrier work, our non compromizing attitude
and the special situation we have with SL Carrera, he was on a 300 km. trailer ride today to meet with
a farrier in whom I have graet respect and trust.
I guess it is always a shitty job to clean up the mess after others..
So BIG thanks to Anders Michaelsen for letting us come to you on a Saturday and for wanting to see
him work under sadle after you finished with him.
You made a hell of a difference on my faith in the situation!

Anders evaluating his work
Also special thanks to Ulla for catering service and to Maika for spending another day
in the effort to optimize the chances for SL Carrera.

D. Checkmate has moved to Maikas place to be the new playmate for her gelding CA Zaro.

D. Checkmate handled all the new things quite cool, and I am proud of my little boy.

Along with D. Checkmate on the trip North was Dubai Diva D.
She is now also in dressage training with Maika Wissing Nikolajsen.

They had a fine start and I am looking forward to see what will happen during the next months.
February 10th

Silviar´s Mary-Lou is sold!!
Congratulations to the new owner in Sweden

February 8th
The saleslist is updated & new pictures of D. Jack of Sultan & D. Double Up.

D. Double Up

January 2016
January 31st
Today we got the message that D. Desert Eagle passed his performance test.
This means that he is now fully licensed for Shagya, Anglo & Partbreds

He is also the 4th performance tested stallion at Davidson Arabians!

January 27th
A Diva returns...
Daughter of Dubai Pasha,
Granddaughter of Simeon Sadik
 ½ sister to our beloved D. Desert Eagle

Welcome home Dubai Diva D.

January 23rd
New pictures of Duval

January 17th
More pictures of our little winter Princess Wagancia D. and her mum,
and also new pics of MM Sultan

January 9th
Wagancia D. in the snow

January 5th
New pictures of Wagancia D.

January 3rd
First outside pics of Wagancia D.

January 2nd
This morning at 6am Maikas dream of a foal sired by her beloved late Wagant came true
Our Precious Marcia D. gave birth to a beautiful filly.

HUGE congratulations Maika with your Wagancia D. !!

Review at 2015...

Just like in 2014 our foaling season started in January.
Already on January 7th we were blessed with a beautiful filly sired by D. Desert Eagle out of Amazing Grace D.
She was named Yarin D. and we got the chance to enjoy her for 6 weeks before she and her mother started their journey to their new home in Iran.
The second and last foal came late in May – a bay colt sired by Bolero EM out of Zeems Cheeky D.
He was named D. Checkmate.

The breeding season also had an early start and with success.
It was with great pride and joy we were able to announce that we had the first mare in foal for 2016 by the end of February,
and in foal in first try with frozen semen from Maikas late stallion Wagant.
Semen that vets had declared non-fertile after several attempts with no success.
In May we could announce a 2nd mare in foal to Wagant and also in foal in first try.
2 more of our mares are in foal so in total we expect 4 foals for 2016,
however 3 of them are already sold.

The breeding season 2015 was big and exciting and we do not expect 2016 to be much different.
The stallion group we are able to present for 2016 is better and bigger than ever.

Again this year I would like to thank our clients and friends in DK and abroad
 for the trust in our breeding program and in particular in our stallions.

Egelys Nafira, Amazing Grace D. and her filly Yarin D. , Blaze of Glory D.,
 Wasaida APN & Bahieh has all traveled to new homes outside Denmark.

At the annual stallion presentation at Husteds and we presented MM Sultan,
and he was also presented at the International Show in Ikast together with our young colt D. Van Marc.
D. Van Marc was also presented at the Danish Nationals and proved his quality by being Class Winner, Junior Silver Champion and also Liberty Winner.
His younger brother D. Double Up was also introduced to the show world as he spent a couple of months in Holland with Chris Van Schalkwijk.
D. Double Up ended his season in Belgium with 89,17 points.
MM Sultan was also presented at the Shagya, Anglo & partbred licensing and was licensed for 2016.

When it comes to riding we have had a dark shadow hanging over our heads the whole year
as things did not quite work out they way we had hoped for with SL Carrera.
He has had more chances than most horses will have, and now the box with potential treatments is empty.
We can only wait and see what time and hope will bring us by now, so all fingeres crossed!

D. Desert Eagle has been working quite a lot under the sadle though. 
He spent 3 months in training with Kim Andersen at the riding club in Brande
 and after that he traveled to Germany to follow his fathers hoof prints doing a 30 days performance test.
 At the moment we are awaiting the board of the breeding association to confirm his passing or not of the test.

We end our year with hope and positive thoughts, and just in these writing moments the foaling cams are running in the stable..
In few days our first 2016 foal will arrive, and by its arrival the circle is again at its starring point.
A new round and a new year is coming, hopefully with a successful foaling and breeding season.

We wish you all the best for 2016

December 2015

December 17th & 18th
I have spent a couple of days in Germany as D. Desert Eagle has been doing a 30 days performance test for warmblood stallions.
Because the test is German and the breeding association is Danish, the board of the breeding association has to go though his results
before we know if he passed the test or not, so fingers crossed!

How ever, I am pleased with my boy, he looked good both in the stable and under the sadle.

December 13th
I was visiting SL Carrera and of cause making a few pictures of him.

He looks good and has just started his rehabilitation period once more, and this time probably for the very last time.
We do hope that 2016 will be a turning point for him.

November 2015

November 29th
New video of Mary-Lou on the sales list

November 22nd
A little snow is here...

D. Van Marc

So new pictures of Duval, D. Unexpectable Colours & D. Van Marc

November 20th
D. Double Up
was free in the pasture together with his friend D. Jack of Sultan for the first time after a successful surgery.
They really enjoyed racing eachother again.

D. Jack of Sultan with D. Double Up on his tail

November 15th
A couple of new pics of Sspot Me D. in her wintercoat

November 12th
New horse on the sales list

November 5th
Today D. Double Up was at the clinic for surgery for patella lockings
We have observed the problem on/off during the last couple of months
and in the weekend things seemed to culmimate and I was not able to bring him out of the locking.
It was the same issue on Monday morning.

Appearently this phenomenon is not unusual for youngsteres in growth and/or sports horses going from beeing
active to inactive either because of holidays or injury.
Some youngsteres will grow from it, but that didn´t seem to be the solution in our case - therefore the decicision of sugery.
The good thing is that it is NON inheritable and the prognosis is quite good
more than 90% will never have the lockings again after surgery.
So now we hope to be among the 90% and wish for speedy recovery for D. Double Up.

October 2015

October 28th
SL Carrera was at the clinic for check up, and unfortunately we got another set back..
We were quite positve as nothing indicated that he should be anything else than forward going,
but it appears that we haven´t reached the finish line yet.
We give it a final shot and and then we have done what ever is possible to do.
It will either fail or lead us to succes - but at least we know for sure we did what we could do
with no compromizing along the way.

Maika your persistance when it comes to SL Carrera is admirable. Thank you!

MM Sultan
was also at the clinic.
Sometimes I have had the feeling that he drops a hind leg when riding and I wanted to know if
there is an issue or it is just nothing like stepping on a stone or so.
The vet found nothing at all, so that was the good news for today!

October 24th & 25th
Dressage competition at Kirk Arabians
Davidson Arabians were represented by Sweet Caress D. owned and ridden by Lisbeth Floor Bendixen
On Saturday the got 1st. place in LC 1-2 with 67,4 %
and in LC3 they were 4th with 66,2 %
On Sunday they were 3rd in LC1-2 with 67,6%
and in LC3-LB123 they were 4th with the very nice score of 68,4 %!!

Click on the picture to see more pictures of this beautiful couple
Congratulations to Lisbeth on the great results and thank you for doing it so well with your beautiful girl
and thank you to Simii Photo for the many beautiful pictures.

SL Carrera
was not there, he is still in his rehabilitation period, but Maika was there,
and she reports to me that many people have asked about SL Carrera.
Thank you for your concern, it means a lot to us!
SL Carrera
will go the the clinic for a check up next week.

October 10th
Yarin D.
(D. Desert Eagle x Amazing Grace D./Massimo Ibn Mirokan)
 was at her first show in Iran and was 4th in her class

Photo: Mr. Egdami
Congratulations to Mr. Egdami and thank you for the promotion.

October 3rd
New pictures of MM Sultan

September 2015

September 19th
More endurence news - only this time related to Massimo Ibn Mirokan

His son in Holland AF Palmass has been racing 82 km with Anne Marijan Kok,
and we just learned that his daughter in Greece Merana O. is qualified for for 120 km with Giorgos Ziakoulis.
Congratulations to the riders and owners!!
Massimo and I are proud on your behalf.

September 13th
A weekend with SL Carrera indirect in the focus

We received the wonderful news that Maxim, sired by SL Carrera had a successful introduction to the endurence world
His breeder Marianne Dahl, his owers Dorthe & Joergen Egelund and also the vet were very impressed by him.

Maxim by SL Carrera at the vet.
Photocredit: Marianne Dahl

From the North of Sweden we received a couple of lovely photos of Bugatti Petite Royale by SL Carrera
& her owner Jennie Jonsson.

Bugatti Petite Royale, bred by Davidson Arabians & sired by SL Carrera
Photo credit: Catwalk Arabians, Sweden

I am so happy to see how the SL Carrera foals grow up showing great temper and performance potentials!

And more exciting news related to SL Carrera
We would like to CONGRATULATE our sponsored rider Maika Wissing Nikolajsen on her fabulous results in Poland
at the European Championships for Sport Arabians!!
Maika was there with her gelding CA Zaro and qualified for the final both in dressage and classic pleasure.
In classic pleasure she was placed 8th and in dressage and was placed 6th
In the dressage final the equipage had their debut in PSG and what a debut that must have been...

In the All Round Cup she was 3rd & BRONZE TROPHY WINNER!!!
HUGE congratulations Maika!

We are so happy for your results, honoured to support you and still proud in hope of what you will
acomplish with SL Carrera in the future.

Maika & SL Carrera

September 4th
In the middle of August D. Desert Eagle left for training under the sadle and is only home in the weekends.
Today I saw him working with his new friend Michelle, and I am very pleased with his educaltion so far.

Thanks to Michelle for the effort with the white bondages, you looked great together

September 2nd
MM Sultan
was again consulted by Chiropractor & vet Patricia Hass Pilborg
and was clearly better than last time she was here.

Massimo Ibn Mirokan
was also checked as he has been a bit on/off lame on his right front lately.
Patricia found an issue in his right elbow, so we hope the problem is solved by this.

September 1st
We have AF Escada in foal to Massimo Ibn Mirokan

Massimo Ibn Mirokan
Congratulations to Denise in Austria, the owner of the coming foal

August 2015

August 30th
New pictures of D. Desert Eagle

August 28th
New pictures of D. Unexpectable Colours

August 25th
New pictures of D. Double Up, Sspot Me D. & Utopia

Sspot Me D.

August 23rd
D. Double Up has just returned home after a couple of months in Holland.
Thanks to CNC Arabians, Holland for good care and safe delivery back home.

At the same occation we say goodbye to Bahieh and congratulations to
new owners with this super moving young mare.

and once again with special thanks to CNC Arabians.

August 20th
Our young boys D. Van Marc & D. Unexpectable Colours  are growing up so time for X-ray.

We are happy to announce that both are found okay and with no inheritable deseases.

August 8th
Another price winning weekend

MM Sultan
was at the annual licensing for Shagya, Anglo & Partbreds
and he got his license so now also appoved for the 2016 season.
Thank you to Louise Pedersen for beeing my co-driver and private photographer.
As usual we entered a breeding from our licensed stallions in the lottery, so
congratulations to Sisse Holm-Thomsen, the winner of a free breeding from our late PA Nafal Ibn Sharim.

August 4th
6 weeks ago SL Carrera was at the clinic and diagnosed with a tendon issue.
Today was time for a check up and we were lucky..
Things looks better and SL Carrera is now able to start a rehabilitation program once again.
We really hope that "this is it" and the last hurdle we will meet before we will be able to see SL Carrera and Maika in competitions.
Once again Maika, thank you for all the time and effort you put into him.

MM Sultan was consulted by an equine chiropractor today.

A few weeks ago I was very happy and content with his work under the sadle, but lately things have been going the wrong way.
He had some issues in his back and shoulder that may relate to his "not so nice" behaviour.
It seemed as he responded well to the treatment so I really hope that this can make a difference for him.
Will try to ride him again next week.

August 1st & 2nd
Show weekend!!
D. Van Marc was at the National Show in DK and things went over the moon
He won the liberty class and was also class winner in the class for 2 year old colts
and more than that - he was named JUNIOR SILVER CHAMPION!!

But the very best of it is that D. Van Marc is 2nd genereation of my breeding program with Russian blood as base point,
and there has been no one involved in his results other than me.

For that I allow myself to be proud :-)

In Koksijde, Belgium at Int. B-Show, his younger brother D. Double Up  was in the ring with Chris Van Schalkwijk
They too ended the show season in a good way - D. Double Up got  89,17 points in a tough class
Thanks to Chris Van Schalkwijk, CNC Arabians for doing a great job with our young boy.

July 2015

July 15th
Evening work out with MM Sultan
He is doing great at the moment and things are realy going forward in more than one way

July 14th
I was visiting Skovsted OX to see this little beautiful black filly sired by Duval


July 12th
New pictures of Bahieh - and also a short video of her on the sales list

July 11th
D. Double Up entered the show ring again, this time in Strohen in Germany. He got 37,42 points.
Now he will come home and have some time for gowing and then we see what the future will bring for this young colt.

Thanks to Chris Van Schalkwijk, CNC Arabians, Holland for giving him a nice intro to the show world on such a short time,
and also a special thanks to my friend Jani Pedersen, for sending me photos of him before the end of the day!

July 8th
Another mare confirmed in foal in first try with frozen semen!

And once again it is frozen semen from Wagant!
This also means that once again we are able to congratulate the owner of the coming foal Maika Vissing Nikolajsen.
She did so many trys at the clinic to make her dream of a foal from her beloved Wagant come true, but it never happened,
but appearently we can make miracles at Davidson Arabians and Maika is now expecting nothing less than 2 foals sired by her beloved Wagant.
I am so happy for you Maika!

Juli 4th
Our young D. Double Up had his debut in the show ring today in Brecht shown by Chris Van Schalkwijk.
He got 37,67 points

June 2015

June 29th
We welcome Bahieh our new mare.
Despite beeing new she is still familiar as she is sired by my former western companion D. Shan´n Jan Memory.
She is here on the purpose of sale and I am looking forward to get to know her.

If she is like her father, she will be quite irresistible.
Please feel free to contact me for further information.

June 24th
SL Carrera was at check up at the clinic
The injure in the right front is now recovered but unfurtunately we have an issue on the right hind
in the attactment of the outer bending tendon.
this means 6 weeks with no training wearing a stress relieving shoe and afterwards check at the clinic again.
This is SO frustrating when you feel you do all you can and yet it keeps coming..
We still intend to do what we can and once again we have to be paitient for some time..

Thanks Maika for beeing so alert on him!

June 21st
We recieved some endurence news
Fairytaile by Duval sired by Duval had her debut in a 40 km. class
well prepared and ridden by her owner Kira C.W. Leuenhagen, Denmark
AF Palmass sired by Massimo Ibn Mirokan came successful through a 88 km class in today in Holland
ridden by young rider Anne Marijen also from Holland
Congrats to the riders and owners on these great rides!

AF Palmass
Photo with thanks to owner Donna Oudshoorn, Holland

June 20th
New pictures of Zeems Cheeky D. & D. Checkmate

June 17th
Congratulations to Melanie Schoop, Melhan Arabians in Switzerland on a special filly sired by Duval

June 16th
Congratulations to Dorte Bredgaard on her stunning colt foal sired by D. Desert Eagle

June 15th
A new boy has entered our stallion site!!

Photo: Mette Levorsen
D. Van Marc

Special intro discount available for the first mares, contact me for details

June 14th
We were at the Nordic Open International B-Show in Ikast with MM Sultan and D. Van Marc.

Photo: Mette Levorsen
For the first time in quite some years I showed the horses myself and both did well
Especially I am happy and proud of our young colt D. Van Marc - he was the best Danish horse in his class and got a 3rd place
and with 89,83 points - with 1 x 19,5 and 4 x 19.

Photo: Mette Levorsen
MM Sultan was 2nd with 89,67 points - only 0,16 points from 1st place

Special thanks to Nina og Svenne for your assistance on everything, to Mette Levorsen for the photos,
to Chris Van Schalkwijk for "look and learn lesson" with MM Sultan and to the rest of the Dutch Dream Team for back up.

By the end of the day a quick dicision was made and our yearling colt D. Double Up
was loaded and heading to Holland with Chris and his Team - so more show news to come..........

June 11th.
Congratulatios to Camilla Skov with her newborn colt sired by D. Desert Eagle

June 7th
A black filly sired by Duval is born - congratulations to Birgitte Riishoej, Skovsted OX

May 2015

May 24th
After 2,5 days with the milk running Zeems Cheeky D. finally had her foal.
A lovely chestnut/bay colt sired by Bolero EM.

We named him D. Checkmate.

May 17th
I have just started riding MM Sultan again, and it is hard to believe..
but so far he is behaving much nicer than earlier - I hope this positive improvement will stay.

So we dared to go out in the open and were able to get some nice photos.

May 10th
Safe travels to Blaze of Glory D. & Wasaida APN.

Congratulations to Mr. Al Shammari inKuwait on the purchase of these lovely young mares.
Special thanks to my good friend Chris Van Schalkwijk, CNC Arabians for assisting the sale.

May 3rd
I was visiting Skovsted OX seeing a couple of very nice SL Carrera daughters, Maylee og Serengeti.

They look great Birgitte, and thanks for entrusting me with your Queen Yamena for a sibling

April 2015

April 16th
Today we confirmed Elunah Monpelou in foal to MM Sultan.
To us this is an exciting combination, both as the foal will be straight Russian, but
also it is the combination of the first two straight Russians I fell in love with.
I met MM Sultan for the first time on the day I met & bought Elunah.
Now after nearly 8 years their blood will be combined.
Further more, by beeing sired by MM Sultan, grandsired by Massimo Ibn Mirokan and great grandsired by Duval,
this foal will combine all the Straight Russian stallions we have at stud and have great trust in.
Indeed this will be a special foal this will be in many ways

April 12th
A great day for Davidson Arabians & for MM Sultan as well
Today at we had the Shagya/Anglo judge team visiting us for prelicensing.

MM Sultan is approved for Shagya & Anglo mares for the 2015 season

April 7th
Congratulations to Kres Arabians on their newborn colt KR Argun sired by Duval.

Photo: Kres Arabians
KR Argun is little brother to our MM Sultan through the mare Alaska QQ

April 6th
I was visiting SL Carrera and Maika today.
SL Carrera
is through is rehabilitation period and ready to start working for real again.

It was a great plasure to se him and Maika working again.
We gave him the best opportunities and with Maikas dedication and passion to his rehabilatation, we now see a positive result.
May the future stay bright for them

April 4th
New photos of D. Jack of Sultan, MM Sultan & D. Van Marc.

D. Jack of Sultan

March 2015

March 30th
The first welsh foal sired by Massimo Ibn Mirokan is born.

Huge congratulations to Sofie Kjaergaard Jensen

March 29th
Today MM Sultan was shown at the stallion presentation at Husted Arabians.

Thank you for all the positive comments on MM Sultan today

March 27th
Our Sspot Me D. got a full sister today

Huge congratulations to Dorte Bredgaard & Rose of Kunar on a beautiful filly sired by Massimo Ibn Mirokan

March 22nd
MM Sultan will be presented at the Stallion presentation at Husted Arabians on March 29th.

February 2015

February 27th
Good news from Iran
Amazing Grace D. and little Yarin D. has arrived at he quarantine stables and are doing fine

February 21st
 Time to say goodbye..

 Amazing Grace D. and her lovely filly Yarin D. by D. Desert Eagle has just begon their journey to their new home in Iran.
 We wish you a safe trip and once again congratulations to Mr. Eghdami with these special girls - best of luck for the future!!

February 20th
Opening the 2015 season with frozen semen and succes!!
Our Precious Marcia D. is in foal to the late Wagant by frozen semen in frist try!!
This is very special as they tried at the clinic to get mares in foal with semen from Wagant but no luck..
several trys with 2 different mares in 2 seasons and no mare in foal..

Photo: Marlene Oelgod
The coming foal is sold to Maika W. Nikolajsen, so HUGE congratulations Maika!!
I am so happy to be able to make your dream of a foal from your late stallion Wagant come true!

February 9th
New pictures of Yarin D.

February 6th
What a day!!
Today was the day for SL Carreras check up at the clinic after 2 months since last visit and treatment for his injure.
SL Carrera has responded well to the treatment, and in combination
with the effort from Maika and Niels to keep him as quite and calm as possible it paid off today,
and SL Carrera was declared ready for rehabilitation!!!

The next 6-8 weeks he will follow a special training program and then hopefully we can say fully recovered.
To optimize what ever we can SL Carrera will stay with Maika in this period.

February 1st
We congratulate Kate Rosendal, Kres Arabians on this beautiful chestnut filly foal sired by Massimo Ibn Mirokan out of Vafa Aasa/Abakan.

KR Vasya
Photo: Kres Arabians

January 2015

January 30th
Mr. Egdahmi & wife, the owner of Amazing Grace D. & Yarin D. was here for a visit and
I was gifted with a lot of Iranian spcialities.

Many thanks Mr. Egdami, I feel so honoured to have such a special gift from you,
and also that you and your wife took the long trip to get here.

Snow pics from January 24th of Grace and Yarin are now to be found in the gallery.

January 28th
New pics of Blaze of Glory D. & D. Van Marc

January 22nd
New "au naturale" pics of Wasaida APN, Eluniqa D. & D. Unexpectable Colours

January 17th
We had a great day with good friends from Holland visiting.
A visit that also was a happy reunion between the wellknown couple Chris Van Schalkwijk and MM Sultan.

At the same time we are happy and proud to announce the sale of Egelys Nafira
- daughter of our late PA Nafal Ibn Sharim - to the Middle East.

We wish Egelys Nafira a safe journey
and congratulate Mr. Alshammari, Kuwait, on the purchase of this wonderful young mare.

Special thanks to Christina & Chris Van Schalkwijk, CNC Arabians, Holland for realizing this sale.

January 13th
New pictures of Egelys Nafira

January 11th
More pics of Yarin D.

January 10th
First outside pictures of Yarin D.
made in ugly weather so, sorry for the quality.

I look forward to making pictures of her in sunshine

January 9th
Our little new filly is named "Yarin D."
it is Persian and means companion, and we are sure that she will be a good companion to her owner.
Yarin D. is 3/4 sister to our Maid of Emotion D.

January 8th
I came across some pictures of the 2014 foals from December,
they are now to be found in the gallery

D. Double Up

January 7th
Around 9pm Amazing Grace D. gave birth to a stunning filly sired by D. Desert Eagle

Huge congratulations to Mr. Eghdami on such a beautiful filly!

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